WOW! Big Weekend was BIG

31 08 2010

I said last week that we were praying for 10,000 this weekend and if 14,000 came we would really need divine assistance.  Well, God came through with a little over 15,000 people and we actually survived with an awesome weekend.  It was a blast to see Hope folks coming in with their friends and seeing how much everyone enjoyed the weekend.

Amy Grant is the real deal.  Her humble, laid back, down home attitude was perfect.  She was right at home at Hope.  The service was exactly the way we wanted it — a worship service and not a concert.  She connected as she led in worship and the special music during the offering was beautiful.  See the video below of “Better than a Halleluiah”

We seemed to have made an impact in our outreach goal for the weekend.  We usually have around 40 first time guests who fill out our comment cards but this weekend we had over 200!  That is what it is all about.

Also, our connection with Target House went very well.  Amy did a concert with her band down there after the evening service.  The concert was great but watching her interact with these kids with catastrophic illnesses moved me to tears.  Her love, compassion and concern were very evident. 

God did smile on us this past weekend.  Our prayer is that some of our friends who visited with us really heard the message of God love and will return and become a part of Hope Church.


What’s the Worst Thing That Can Happen?

8 04 2007

Check this video out. It is produced by a church in Canada named The Meeting House. It is a Brethren in Christ church —- that is an Anabaptist church. I had the false impression that they were pretty serious and maybe even sour. Boy was I wrong! At least these Anabaptist really are hilarious!!!

How are we serving those who visit our church? This is how NOT to do it and it’s pretty funny.