And the Mouse Shall Lead Them

2 02 2009


I saw this picture today over at Wired Jesus Podcast and could not help but laugh.  What an image!!!  What was the artist thinking or saying with this piece?  It is a sculpture by Alexandre Kosolapov entitled  — “the hero.  the leader.  the god.”  And if you notice that Jesus really has taken the lead as his toes are just out ahead of Lenin’s shoe!!!  I can’t help but picture that after the next few steps you see Lenin and Jesus lifting up a thrilled Mickey off the ground and going “Wheeeeeee!”


Community or Die — Your Choice!!

13 10 2008

I listened to this great message by John Ortberg; well, I think most of them are pretty great, but this one was exceptional.  It was on the importance of community and entitled, “Every Life Needs a Cheering Section”.  I loved the following quote:

“Robert Putnam, (from his book Bowling Alone) …. wrote,

‘As a rough rule of thumb, if you belong to no groups but you decide to join one, you cut your risk of dying over the next year in half.’

Isn’t that remarkable? Anybody here not interested in cutting your risk of dying in half?  That’s why the new model for our small groups ministry is, ‘JOIN A GROUP OR DIE!!’ Just something kind of uplifting about that one.”

That is great!!!  We are looking to have a marked increase in our groups as we try this new strategy.

Check out the whole message in written form (what other top shelf communicator posts his sermons in transcript form?) or listen here.

Marvin Gaye’s Impeccable Timing

3 06 2008

I was in an important meeting a couple of days ago with the boss of my boss — i.e. our Sr. Pastor.  220px-Marvin_Gaye_in_1973Things have been a little stressful around here at Hope — giving down, sanctuary to pay for, attendance up but not as much as we had hoped….  So, in my area of ministry, we are looking for ways to reach more people and encourage folks to go through our new members class.

Just when things were getting warmed up, and I was feeling the full pressure of my pastoral responsibly to grow the church — my phone rang.  Which would not have been a big deal — yes, I should have had it on vibrate but Craig’s phone had sounded off earlier so that was not a big deal.  The issue was that my wife was calling, and I had her customized ring on  —- Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On”.  As Craig figured out what the ring was, he laughed and said, “You know, I think I would answer that!”  Pretty funny.

Animation War

1 12 2007

Just saw this cool animation at Kem Meyer’s blog.  Click on the image below and enjoy.



Spititual Gift of Dodgeball

12 09 2007

When we have our folks take a SHAPE assessment, we get some pretty interesting answers. Our assessment tool has people look at descriptions of the basic spiritual gifts listed in Scripture (ie. teaching, serving, evangelism, etc…) and choose what they see as their spiritual gifts. Our directions are pretty straight forward:

  1. Read the traits for each spiritual gift and underline each phrase that you think fits you.
  2. Count the underlined traits in each category and record the total in the accompanying box.
  3. Choose your top three gifts and record them on the Green Sheet on page 16.

Well, the answers we get back sometimes are pretty funny. Some of the spiritual gifts that folks have listed have included: “My Grandchild”; “Hard working”; “Talking”; “My Job”; etc… One thing I have never had anyone list is the gift of dodgeball.

Check out this video I found on Todd Rhoades’ blog. Pretty funny.Vodpod videos no longer available.