Thanks Claude

9 02 2010

Paris Trip 2010 208

I have been out of blog mode because my lovely wife and I took a trip to Paris, Brussels & Amsterdam.  What an awesome time we had reconnecting after some crazy ministry and life times.  Yes, it was chilly but when you step into a gallery like the one above, the warmth of the colors and of the scenes helps you leave behind winter and bask in the glow of the impressionist. This is the Orangerie Museum in Paris and it was probably our favorite because you were able to take pictures there. It is not every day that you get to pose with a masterpiece. We are in front of one of Monet’s huge water lilies panels. Absolutely beautiful!!! Check out this close up of the brushstrokes of the yellow sunset portion of that painting.

Paris Trip 2010 204

Thanks Claude for your skill and creative expression.  Thanks God for letting us see this expression of Your creative genius up close and personal.




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